Monday, October 18, 2010

Reason #2

He is the world's greatest detective.

That's actually one of his titles. He didn't give that name to himself, y'know. He was even introduced to the world in an issue of "Detective Comics!" Who else even comes close?

C’mon. Sherlock Holmes maybe, but few people would declare him a hands-down winner. When it comes to intelligence, problem solving, and overall crime detection, who else are you going to compare the goddamned Batman to?

Batman taking care of business.

Yeah, there are other great ones out there. Mostly from TV. Personally, out of this small group of "famous detectives," I’d put Columbo at the top. But even he couldn't last a week in Gotham City. It's hard to use your powers of reason when the criminals are all batshit crazy.

Yeah, right.
Think Matlock could stop Two-Face or even win a case against Harvey Dent in the courtroom? Let's see how long it takes Monk to track down Clayface or search the sewers for Killer Croc. Sure, Kojak might be tough, but lets see him try and arrest Victor Zsasz or Bane. Inspector Gadget? Sam Spade? The Hardy Boys? Even if they joined forces, could they ever track down the Joker? No. He'd be more worried if ROBIN was spotted nearby.

To top it all off, Batman solves every crime annonymously! The general public doesn't know who he really is and some refuse to believe he even exists. For everyone else, it's their job. For Batman, it's his obsession. Tough to compete with that.

So sure, Sherlock Holmes might come close. But there is still one glaring reason why Batman stands above the rest.

This man:

Don't underestimate this man. Seriously.

Could Sherlock Holmes stop/capture The Riddler? Probably not.

Could Batman stop/capture Professor Moriarty? Easily.

For someone who prides themselves on intelligence, deduction, and a sharp wit, what greater challenge could there be? Yet again and again, the Riddler is outsmarted by the Batman.

Has there ever been anything that Batman couldn’t solve? Even if he fails at first, he always seems to figure everything out just in time.

Just google “World’s Greatest Detective” and see for yourself.


  1. You keep comparing Batman to Sherlock. But check it, they actually team up together in an issue.

    lol enjoy

  2. Actually a pretty awesome concept for a blog. Have you looked into the new Arkham City yet?

  3. Looked into Arkham City. Looks awesome so far. Can't wait.

  4. u, sir, got an awesome blog! follow!

  5. Definitely batman could capture professor Moriarty. He would just bat-a-rang his ass lol.

    Cool to think about though

  6. Yeah! None of the recent films really acknowledged his detective abilities.

  7. Cool Blog, didn't know any of that.

  8. fullowin 'n' suppin :)


  9. always been a fan, when i was younger i watched the vhs of burton's batman till the tape wore out

  10. I love batman...he is very good

  11. He sure is the best detective! No one can sneak away from him!

  12. do you actually own that vintage comic?

  13. I freaking WISH I owned that one. It's way too far out of my price range.

  14. Batman>all no one can touch him.

  15. I would actually argue that the only film that showcased Batman as a detective was the first Burton one, when he cracked the Joker's cosmetics code. Since then, not so much.